"Fierce" #2 in the series "On My Own Terms"

| 15 January, 2018 14:39

Carly Fratianne, of the Columbus Ohio band "Souther" is a wildly talented, fiercely focused 22 year old singer songwriter. She's already been to LA and back and is now working on plan B as she finds (or rather creates) her life destiny. Her lyrics are strangly ahead of her years. And the force in which she delivers them is much stronger than anyone her size ought to be able to hurl (or whisper) at us.  I think the phrase I want to use might be "old soul" which doesn't necessarily mean she's got it all figured out. More like she's inordinately aware of and humbled by how much there is to figure out in this world. And she is willing to share that via song.

And she can really play the guitar. I mean she can really play. That's why I wanted so badly to paint Carly. I hope she stays strong and humble over the years. We need a little more fierce honest vulnarability in this world. In a time when anger and polarity seem to rule, young talented artists with heart give me hope.