Beginning to paint - New Orleans Street Music - Fauberg Front Porch

| 17 January, 2012 17:41

I have my new references from the Blues Pathway trip in piles on the floor of the studio, canvases strewn about - waiting to be assigned their images.  This is the beginning of my first painting from the trip - the front porch of a shop in Fauberg, just outside the French Quarter.  I'm hoping to post this one as it progresses.  I don't know yet how much detail I'll be including.  I kind of like the idea of leaving it loose and open - like the street music that these young musicians were playing.  They were great and the audience was truly enjoying every minute of it. A pretty young crowd here. . .

detail first, a little bit wider view second.  A ways to go.

detail of painting in progress

painting in progress- Fauberg Front Porch