Morning In The Quarter

| 17 March, 2018 20:33

I'm working on a 40" by 52" commission piece based on one of my favorite views in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  I shot this dome early one morning several years ago. I had been walking the entire Quarter and nearby areas and was sure that the dome was somewhere on the outskirts of the quarter. John and I searched for it again on a few later trips, with no success. I even mentioned the search on Facebook and a few kind NOLA folks tried to help. Last year, we found ourselves in NOLA and too ill to really enjoy it fully. So from our sickbed, John went to Google Earth and swept the whole Quarter from above until he found a dome. When we zeroed in, we realized that this scene is on Chartres Street- very definitely not in the outskirts. . . 

That sign is for Napoleon's, a pretty famous place in the Quarter. I don't know why it never occurred to me to use that as a way to find the dome. Anyway, I had painted a small piece from the first photograph years ago:

 And much to my delight, a family who loves New Orleans as much as I do, saw a digital of this painting and trusted me to create a new piece based on the same view, only this time a little larger and in a vertical format. I had more photos of the scene, since last year we managed to drag our backsides over to Chartres and re-photograph the famous but hard to find dome. These photos just document the process of painting the new piece. These might be a bit out of order- I don't know quite how to reorder them. I'll add the final shots as I finish the piece.