Morning In The Quarter

| 17 March, 2018 20:33

I'm working on a 40" by 52" commission piece based on one of my favorite views in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  I shot this dome early one morning several years ago. I had been walking the entire Quarter and nearby areas and was sure that the dome was somewhere on the outskirts of the quarter. John and I searched for it again on a few later trips, with no success. I even mentioned the search on Facebook and a few kind NOLA folks tried to help. Last year, we found ourselves in NOLA and too ill to really enjoy it fully. So from our sickbed, John went to Google Earth and swept the whole Quarter from above until he found a dome. When we zeroed in, we realized that this scene is on Chartres Street- very definitely not in the outskirts. . . 

That sign is for Napoleon's, a pretty famous place in the Quarter. I don't know why it never occurred to me to use that as a way to find the dome. Anyway, I had painted a small piece from the first photograph years ago:

 And much to my delight, a family who loves New Orleans as much as I do, saw a digital of this painting and trusted me to create a new piece based on the same view, only this time a little larger and in a vertical format. I had more photos of the scene, since last year we managed to drag our backsides over to Chartres and re-photograph the famous but hard to find dome. These photos just document the process of painting the new piece. These might be a bit out of order- I don't know quite how to reorder them. I'll add the final shots as I finish the piece.


"Fierce" #2 in the series "On My Own Terms"

| 15 January, 2018 14:39

Carly Fratianne, of the Columbus Ohio band "Souther" is a wildly talented, fiercely focused 22 year old singer songwriter. She's already been to LA and back and is now working on plan B as she finds (or rather creates) her life destiny. Her lyrics are strangly ahead of her years. And the force in which she delivers them is much stronger than anyone her size ought to be able to hurl (or whisper) at us.  I think the phrase I want to use might be "old soul" which doesn't necessarily mean she's got it all figured out. More like she's inordinately aware of and humbled by how much there is to figure out in this world. And she is willing to share that via song.

And she can really play the guitar. I mean she can really play. That's why I wanted so badly to paint Carly. I hope she stays strong and humble over the years. We need a little more fierce honest vulnarability in this world. In a time when anger and polarity seem to rule, young talented artists with heart give me hope.


Returning to my past

| 14 January, 2018 19:29

I haven't been giving my art enough room to breathe lately but maybe I'm finding my way back. . . 

My early years as an artist focused on portraiture. It was the majority of my work in my twenties, thirties and early forties. Then, I began composing my own pieces, usually involving people doing their own thing, and fitting them in between commissioned portraiture. Gradually, I drifted to more and more of my own compositions. Images of people making and enjoying music became my first subject choice. New Orleans and the Blues Highway provided (and continues to provide) me with volumes of interesting images to paint. Most of my photo references contain the stories of music making, the raw materials for making portraits that are not so much of individual people as they are of music making itself.  I still love to paint people enjoying music, and I think I always will.

But on a recent trip to NOLA, John and I had the pleasure of meeting a Mardi Gras Indian Chief whose stunning presence awakened my desire to paint portraits again. I knew imediatly that I wanted to paint him and just how I would design the piece.  And from that first piece (I'll post soon), I decided to paint more portraits- in the same format as my Mardi Gras Cheif. I've committed myself to a series of portraits of people whose appearance strikes me as interesting. And I've decided to paint them on my own terms. What that means is: each of these pieces are my personal concoctions. I'm painting some feature about them that I think is notable. And I'm experimenting with how to apply paint and design a fixed sized canvas to best tell the story I'd like to tell. I have been away from portraiture for so very long, it is a little scary. But it is also incredibly freeing. No one is asking me to paint these images. I am asking for permission, but taking no requests on specifics. These portraits, unlike most portraits are truly "On My Own Terms". And I am loving it. 

So far, I have four pieces painted. I'll photograph them and post them soon. I don't know where the series will be shown. I'm not painting them with financial concerns in mind. I'm painting the best pieces I can muster up, and trusting that at 58 years old, that makes the most sense right now. 

February 3rd, 2018 postscript

My friend Tany Huang helped me get a print of Chief Charles to him. He likes it!! This makes my job FUN! Sorry. I can't figure out how to rotate this image. . . 

Getting Back Into The Swing Of It

| 14 October, 2015 22:01

I've been a little off my game for the last couple of years when it comes to painting. But I'm slowly finding a little fire in the belly again. And I've had an idea that has been playing with me. I'd really like to put together a book. . . painted images of New Oleans along with commentary. . from the perspective of a painter who loves music. I'm posting this to remind myself that it's time to begin the project in earnest. I guess I figure that if I write it down, I owe myself a little energy toward the idea. 

musicians and young boy on Jackson Square

"Jackson Square Morning" ©Linda Langhorst 2013

My upcoming exhibit at Sharon Weiss Gallery

| 14 July, 2014 22:07


     My work continues to focus on musicians along the Blues Highway and at home.  This upcoming exhibit "Songs Along The Way: Wandering The Blues Highway" includes paintings of musicians in New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Kansas City, Chicago and here in Columbus.  It also has a few scenes from the train called "City of New Orleans".  I love to paint musicians doing their thing and I love to visit towns and cities along the Blues Highway. The Opening Reception on August 1st, 2014 runs from 6-8 pm at Sharon Weiss Gallery, 20 East Lincoln Street in the Short North, Columbus, Ohio.  It concludes with New Basics Brass Band leading a Second Line Parade to Little Rock Bar (corner of 2nd Ave and North 4th Street). Second Lines are a New Orleans tradition. The "first line" of the parade is the band itself.  The rest of us can just join in and celebrate as the "second line". Everyone is welcome to visit the opening and sing and dance our way from the gallery to Little Rock Bar. Bring your feather boas, hats, parasols, and fancy hankies to wave or just walk and enjoy.  

Thanks for checking in on my work,



Fauberg Front Porch - in progress

| 20 January, 2012 01:54

Slowly coming along - great fun to paint. . .

painting in progress- Fauberg Front Porch

Beginning to paint - New Orleans Street Music - Fauberg Front Porch

| 17 January, 2012 17:41

I have my new references from the Blues Pathway trip in piles on the floor of the studio, canvases strewn about - waiting to be assigned their images.  This is the beginning of my first painting from the trip - the front porch of a shop in Fauberg, just outside the French Quarter.  I'm hoping to post this one as it progresses.  I don't know yet how much detail I'll be including.  I kind of like the idea of leaving it loose and open - like the street music that these young musicians were playing.  They were great and the audience was truly enjoying every minute of it. A pretty young crowd here. . .

detail first, a little bit wider view second.  A ways to go.

detail of painting in progress

painting in progress- Fauberg Front Porch

Blues Highway Trip - January 2012- part 1

| 14 January, 2012 12:15

Just got back from an amazing trip with two other artists and friends.  We started in Memphis, drove south to Crossroads and Clarksdale Mississippi, Lafayette  and New Orleans Louisiana, and took the train up  to Chicago.  These spots were along the path that Blues/Jazz made it's way up through the country (20's, 30's, 40's). Together, after culling, we have over 2000 photos.  Now we paint like crazy people to prepare for Spring shows. Some of this work will be at the OSU Faculty Club Exhibit here in Columbus (March 2012).  Other pieces will be part of an exhibit at Roger Lapelle Galery (Philladelphia) with Martin Poole and Tom Gardner.  Many thanks to Marty (and Roger Lapelle) for including me in the Philly show.

Thought I'd just post one shot to start.  "Howl -n- Madd Bill Perry" and gang.  We had a chance to hear Alphonso Sanders (on Sax) alone earlier in the night, and then again with Bill Perry at Ground Zero Blues Club (owned by Morgan Freeman) in Clarksdale Mississippi.  This show was CRAZY GOOD.  If you like the Blues, you will not be dissapointed in Clarksdale.  Unbelievable enegy.  Bill's son and daughter are in the band - both talented and thoroughly enjoyable performers.  I'll be painting these guys, though I'm not exactly sure how yet. 

Howl-n-Bill Perry at Ground Zero Blues Club

December 12th, 2011

| 11 December, 2011 21:20

WET  8 by 10  of Trombone Man, not quite done

This little piece is still very WET and not quite done.  It's kind of loose and it's going to stay that way.  I guess I enjoy that feel when it comes to music making images. I'm so excited to get back into the images from Memphis and Nashville.  I have only started to work with my references.  And I might just have the wonderful chance to travel from Chicago to New Orleans on the train they call "The City of New Orleans" next month.  More than I could wish for - the opportunity to travel and photograph this historic  american music route down the blues circuit, maybe catch a little zydeco and end up in NOLA once again.  If it happens, I am determined to keep a decent journal and share some stories. 

Nashville and Memphis - more music to hear and to paint

| 23 September, 2011 15:17

  I just returned from a six day trip to Nashville and Memphis, my first for both places. These streets of music- Broadway (Nashville) and Beale Street (Memphis) each have their own feel and sound.  I must have thousands of references and hope to start painting from them within the week.  I thought I'd share just a couple of photos for fun. I found Shawn Mayer and Mark Dooley in Nashvile, at Whiskey Bent on Broadway.  They were great.  Mark plays like he means it and Shawn- Shawn can sing.  Kind of a Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge kind of sound. . . I don't know, I just really liked it.  So many other fine musicians, but this blogging stuff is way out of my league, so I'll leave it at this and get back to work.  Thanks to everyone out there making music for us to enjoy.


Ohio State Video

| 14 May, 2011 17:37

This past October I was interviewed by The Ohio State University's Alumni Association. They were interested in my painting featuring musicians and instrument building. Copy and paste this into a browser to watch:


| 14 May, 2011 17:23

Welcome to my blog. I hope to post news and thoughts on here from time to time. Thank you for stopping by.