Ohio artist Linda Langhorst’s images often include musicians and musical craftsman in casual and intimate settings. The focus of her work is not the individuals she paints, but rather the relationships between the individuals, their music making, and their environment.

Langhorst currently works primarily in oil. The artist treats her canvas as though it is a kind of tapestry. Bits and pieces of paint are woven together to create something that speaks of a real life moment. Her goal is to let the paint tie the participants together in that place and at that moment.

A recent trip to Zion National park has inspired a series based on National Park Imagery. A solo exhibit of this work will be featured at Sharon Weiss Gallery in June 2023.

Ms. Langhorst’s drawings and paintings can be found in private, public and corporate collections across America and Canada. Her most recent commission project included designing two 8ft stone relief sculptures (sculpted by Will Galloway, Blumington Indiana)and an extended series of paintings for The Ohio State University’s new Ohio Union building, which opened in Spring 2010.